"The hardest part of being a landlord is collecting the rent. By using the Landlords Direct Collect program, my tenants can now bring their rent to any of over 300 currency exchange locations in the area. The rent is then directly deposited into my bank account. The Landlords Direct Collect program will truly revolutionize the rent collection industry for landlords and property management companies, and I look forward to the time I will save by using this program."

James "Jim Mack" McClelland
President & CEO of Mack Industries, the largest redevelopment company in the Midwest, with over 500 properties

"Landlords Direct Collect has hit the nail on the head with their currency exchange rent collection program. At CIC, we offer property management training to help owners and managers better market, manage, maintain and improve affordable rental property. I am now recommending this program to all the people with whom I do business as an efficient and cost effective way to manage their rental properties "

Taft West
Direct of Property Management Training
Community Investment Corporation