How it Works

Tired of driving all the way to a Tenants house, only to find that they don't have their rent payment…
Tired of constantly going to the bank to make deposits…
Tired of keeping track of rental payment records…
Ever wonder "There must be and easier way!"

Well the wait is finally over. Landlords Direct Collect was designed just for you!


How We Got Started

Landlords Direct Collect was created by landlords who were frustrated with the rent collection process and felt "there's got to be an easier way of collecting rent." Through this frustration came about the idea to use technology for making rent payments. And with that, Landlords Direct Collect was born. Landlords Direct Collect was developed for landlords by landlords to simplify the rent collection process.

Our program has partnered with a network of over 300 Chicagoland currency exchanges where Tenants can now pay their rent. It's the simplest, safest and fastest way to collect rent!

The Basics

Our Company charges a landlord registration fee* of $49 to activate your account. The fee is charged only once, and it is deducted from the very first payment applied to your account. There is an additional $8 charge per transaction when a rental payment is made.
*see below for Special Discount!

How it Works

After signing up with our program, you enable your registered Tenants to pay their rent at any network currency exchange location. We allow you to pick your due date and assess a late fee (must be a legal amount) per the terms of your rental agreement with that Tenant. This entices the Tenant to pay on their rent on time. Those that don't can help increase your revenue stream by offsetting transaction fees when legal late fees are applied.

The website is user friendly, so registering multiple Tenants is quick and easy. Included on the site are a few sample Tenant notification forms and monthly rent due notices. These notices have been designed to help the Tenant understand the program, informs them of the closest network Currency Exchange to their location and lists all payments and fees (if applicable) according to their rental agreement with you. Feel free to use these as is or modify them to your specifications.

Each time your Tenant makes a rental payment at the Currency Exchange, they must present their Tenant Account Number at the time of the transaction or the Currency Exchange will not be able to process the payment. Our transaction fee is deducted from the rental payment at the time of each transaction. After the transaction is complete, a record of the transaction will post to your Landlords Direct Collect Account within 15-20 minutes. The payment will be directly deposited to your checking account and the funds are usually available within 3 business days depending on your Bank's policies. The transaction is recorded in your Tenant Payment History File for easy record keeping.

Join the Rent Collection Revolution…

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